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1 round = 1 Orange Tokens

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Click the pink arrow to chose the combination of dice to be placed. Place dice in the fours vertically, horizontally, at a slant or 2x2 on the board beside. The game is completed if there is no possibility to place the another four on board.

Combination cleared from board:

instr 400 - the same colors, the same numbers

instr 200 - the same colors, each number

instr 200 - each color, the same numbers

instr 100 - each color, each number

Combination not cleared from board:

instr 60 - 2 pairs

instr 40 - the same color only

instr 40 - the same numbers only

instr 20 - number pair, every second color

instr 20 - color pair, every second number

instr 10 - each color only

instr 10 - each number only

instr 5 - color pair only

instr 5 - number pair only/span>

joker Joker can be placed anywhere to the complete combination. Only one Joker can be placed in the four. You get Joker every 250 points till 1500. If you gather 1500 points you wolud be given 1000 points instead of next Joker.

Levels: 1
| Online: 1 | 441 934 played rounds