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Frequently Asked Questions

Why play on Gamdoo?

Registration at Gamdoo is free. There are also free online games. In addition, you have a continuous opportunity to win exciting prizes and to participate in countless competitions and games.

How does Gamdoo work?

For the daily logging in you get a minimum of 3 free green tokens Green Tokens, which you can play Green Games with and gain GamPoints GamPoints. GamPoints are needed to win prizes. To get more GamPoints you can recharge your account. Recharging your account you get Stars Stars and orange tokens Orange Tokens for which you can play Orange Games and you have the opportunity to win more prizes.
Prizes can be won in our Reward Center, where permanently 4 zones: LuckyGam, RiskyGam, Boutique and Listings (soon) operate, and there are organized various competitions and games.

What are GamPoints for?

GamPoints GamPoints are Gamdoo points, which you mainly earn playing games. You can use GamPoints to play Red Games or to win and order rewards in our Reward Center.

Why games are divided into green, orange and red sections?

We have 3 sections of games:
* green - you need green tokens Green Tokens to play them
* orange - you need prange tokens Orange Tokens to play them
* red -you need GamPoints GamPoints to play them
In each section you win different numbers of GamPoints.

What am I to do to get free tokens?

For the daily login you receive a minimum 3 green tokens Green Tokens. For the Gamdoo code activation you can get even more free tokens, depending on the number of stars in the last 30 days:
- 50 - 1 additional token
- 150 - 2 extra token
- 250 - 3 additional tokens
You can always check stars history in your account.

What are Stars for?

Stars Stars are bonuses, which you get recharging your account. They will be useful in się w boutique (soon) to order rewards and they show your activity on Gamdoo. You can check star history in your account.

Can I transfer my points / tokens / stars to another user?

No, it impossible.

Do free tokens disapear?

No, all token go on next days. However, to get free tokens you have to log at Gamdoo at least once a day.

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