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The Gamdoo Regulations, 8th January 2010.

Preliminary provisions

  1. The following terms are applicable to the Gamdoo.com usage, and they are the Gamdoo Regulations as defined in the Act on Electronic Service Providing.
  2. The Service Operator is Brainstorm Sp. z o.o. with the registered office in Sopot, 3 Maja 56, postal code: 81-858, entered into the register of entrepreneurs under the number KRS 343015.


  • Gamdoo – this Internet service that enables the Users to use the Games provided within it.
  • User – the party who meets the conditions of the Regulations and has registered.
  • GamPoints – the loyalty points on Gamdoo, acquired by the User while playing the Game round.
  • Orange Tokens – a type of a payment unit on Gamdoo given in exchange for GamPoints. The Orange Tokens can be exchanged for the games rounds from the Orange Section.
  • Green Tokens – a type of a payment unit on Gamdoo received free for everyday login on Gamdoo (3 Green Tokens minimally). The Green Tokens can be exchanged for the games rounds from the Green Section.
  • Green Section of the Games – all the Games on Gamdoo marked green.
  • Orange Section of the Games – all the Games on Gamdoo marked orange.

Terms of use

  1. The User is a legal entity or private person of age with full active capacity who accessed the services offered by Gamdoo by registration and acceptation of the Regulations. The User can also be a juvenile and/or a person without full active capacity provided that the statutory representative's acceptation is obtained.
  2. The user needs to register in order to access full Gamdoo functionality.
  3. The Account contains the User data provided in the registration form. You may not provide incomplete or false data. It is not possible to change the login.
  4. A legal entity or a private person can only have one Account at Gamdoo. At most one Account can be assigned to each shipment address provided in the registration form. Each Account must be assigned the other email address. Any breach of this Regulations point will cause the Operator to block the use of the Account by the User, and all the resources collected on the User Account will be passed into the Operator's ownership.
  5. During registration the User can additionally give to the Operator the permission for processing of the personal data provided during registration in Gamdoo for marketing purposes, in particular for the special offers and promotions, as well as for receiving business information to the specified email address. In case the User gives such a permission, they will receive additional bonuses.

Games and Tokens

  1. Each User receives 3 free Green Tokens once a day after logging in. Unused collected Tokens are passed for the next days. It is necessary to log in to Gamdoo to receive 3 Green Tokens.
  2. The Users may exchange all the collected Tokens for the Games rounds. The price of 1 game round is represented in Tokens and can be found on the given Game page.
  3. There is an instruction to each Game, where the task to be completed in order to win the Game is described, as well as the number of GamPoints depending on the second of starting the game. The second of starting the Game is deemed the second when the information about starting the Game by the User is received by the Operator's server. The win is awarded only in case of positive completing the level.
  4. The Game is won if the User completes the task described in the instruction of the Game in given time. Reflex and skilful operation with the keyboard keys and/or mouse and/or logical thinking are required for completing the task. .

Final provisions

  1. The Operator can change the Regulations. The User will be notified about such changes and possibility of their acceptation on the first login on Gamdoo from the moment of the changes implementation.
  2. The Operator will not be responsible for the errors due to unintentional guilt.
  3. The Operator collects the information about the User's activity within Gamdoo, including the activity regarding playing the Games. The Operator reserves the right to block or delete the User's account, to block the resources collected on their account in case of gross violation of the Regulations by the User or if the data collected in the Operator's information system imply that the User's results in the Games were achieved in a dishonest way.
  4. The User agrees to comply with Gamdoo Regulations and to use it for the intended purpose. Any attempts to violate this Regulations point will result in blocking or deleting the User's account, loss of possibility to regain the resources collected on the account, and notification of law enforcement authorities of the law violation.
  5. The User can delete Account anytime by sending the request for deletion of the account via Contact section of Gamdoo. Deletion of the account will result in deleting all the User personal data and all the collected GamPoints, Tokens and Stars.
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